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strange things about me [Dec. 12th, 2005|04:02 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |gangsters and thugs]

- people who usually end up being my best friends i hated when i first met them
- i have never spent more than 20 days in the city in the summer. in my whole life.
- i am obsessed with grocery shopping. i love it.
- i hate people who hate Rent
- i have a ridiculous amount of photos of myself at every possible angle
- i have boys. not boyfriends. not relationships. boys.
- i have PILES of photos of my self, but almost none with me and my friends
- i have three birthmarks in a triangle on my right arm that was on my moms chest bone before i was born..but now is mysteriously gone ..and i have it
- i often put my eye make up on before i put on foundation
- i detest brocolli stalks, but love the flower part
- i hate wearing colored clothing unless its a tank top under a black shirt, underwear, shoes, or a purse.
- when i find something i like such as a song, i will listen to it continously until i hate it. and then i will force it upon other people
- i always feel like i need to make shortbread cookies when its snowing. its unnacceptable to make them when its not snowing
- i hate mushrooms. except when eaten in pinewood mushroom burgers. other than that i will not eat them.
- i won't eat chicken that i cooked. i used to. but not anymore. if someone else cooks it for me i'll eat it. something to do with my knowing its previous state i.e. raw.
- before i bought my car i told my dad i refused to buy a white car or a sunfire. i own a white sunfire.
- i hate all msn shortened words. lol, rofl, lmao all send me into a mad rage
- i've never had a nickname that stuck. not a single one.
- my eye twitches a lot apparently. but i've never seen it happen
- i like to think i live my life by the terms of Sex and the City and my personality is somehow a total mix of all 4 of the characters.
- i pick out perfume in the morning like most people pick out clothes. its a long and arduous decision
- i get bored of purses and get a new one approximatly every two months, but keep all the old ones for memories sake.
- i never handwrite and i never print i have developed the perfect mix of the two.
- i tend to obsess about things until its over, or something different comes along, for example. was obsessed with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire..until i saw Rent. now i love Rent. i haven't seen a movie to top Rent yet.
- naming animals after other animals is by far the best thing ever. a girl told me she named her kitten Pickeral and i thought it was the greatest thing ever
- i love stupid tv shows like Wife Swap and Airline
- i really aspire to be a domestic housewife when i'm older
- i have worn the exact same color nail polish on my toe nails since june. i have bought many since but silver is the only color i ever wear on my toes.
- i really hate feet. same with knees. they weird me out.
- when my voice was slightly hushed and raspy when i was getting over my cold i wished it would stay that way forever cause i liked the way it sounded
- when i'm not sick sometimes i wish i was sick
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oh yes baby [Nov. 18th, 2005|12:52 pm]
[mood |ecstaticyes!]
[music |Harajuku Girls- Gwen Stefani]

ok so i totally got the most kickass of all jobs today
full time. at La Senza
i start next week
i'm sooo excited
goodbye cheesballs and beefsticks(the hated hickory farms)
so yea.. i get to wear a suit
i swear i had that job walking into that interview
i;m gonna say it was my shoes that did it haha
so tomorrow morning my hair is going la platinum
boo yea
i;m so excited
getting prepared for my fabulous 18th birthday
ooooh yea.
called the OC yesterday about teh VIP list
i have to send it to them by next wednesday
my birthday is gonna kick so much ass
anyways i have to run off to my crap job...

p.s. gwen stefani concert kicked so much ass
8th row floor
so amazing
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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2005|08:41 am]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |none]

so clearly i suck for never updating
clearly i also suck cause i have nothing interesting to update about
lately i have ..er..hung out with allison
its like all i've done
hit the gym a few times
gone tanning and worked my crap job
Gwen Stefani is tomorrow and my 18th is next week
that also means i get to dye my hair PLATINUM next week

i'm definetly sick again
and it sucks
although i am practically better..a lot better than i was on saturday
i was like a delerious mess on saturday
i didn't sleep much all that night and early in the morning i got some text messages from sterling
i apparently responded to them, but when i got up later and talked to sterling i litearlly thought that the messages had been a delerious drea
but. apparently not
oh god. i just realized tomorrow
i have to drive to polo to open up at work
i will have to leave at like dawn at the rate people drive in the snow

i've exhausted myself writing about my boring life
i should start getting ready.... damn work
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dirty hookers and coffee crisp [Nov. 1st, 2005|09:54 am]
[mood |flirtyall in good fun i guess]
[music |none]

woo for halloween
so usually i don;t do jack on halloween
apparently i did this year
i didn't dress up
but i had fun
i had my first day of work. i thought it would be hell
it actually wasn't that bad
after work i went out and bought a new zip up-its all cool and military kinda looking and hten i went and met amanda and her school friends at mavado's
and we drank
a lot.
and it was awesome
i went to tegans for a little bit, ate a lot of candy
came home
and..sat around a bit
went out for bit again
and yea
came home
basically passed out from exhaustion
working and drinking and actually doing that much stuff in one day?
man its been awhile.
hah 3 weeks-ish
anyways it was good
i love girly drinks, mainly dirty hookers
and not having to pay for anything at the end of the night
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